Information Technology Services

One of the specializations of SafeCom is information and communication systems.
We offer different kinds of hardware, software and support services in this area.

Workstation support

For employees there’s nothing more annoying than failing IT. Their computers need to run the proper programs efficiently and software, printers have to work and internet servers need to be accessible and reliable. Our specialists are more than capable to implement new workstation installations, and can offer help in case of problems with existing ones.

Point of Sale systems

SafeCom supplies computer controlled POS systems including hardware where needed, but can also connect the POS system to existing computer infrastructure where necessary. We provide touchscreens, mobile terminals, receipt printers, scanners and electric cash register drawers. Sales reports are at your fingertips which makes it easier to run your business more efficiently.

Networking and file servers

A company’s efficient operation needs a high quality network and reliable file servers. SafeCom offers both. We can also implement wireless access to the network file server, printers, email and the internet. We also assist with security and access permissions to files and applications on a per-workstation/per-user basis . The network file server can be configured optimally to match your storage, access, speed, user count, security and budget requirements.

Application Services

Besides a network that’s fast and reliable, the safety and integrity of your applications (computer programs) is essential. SafeCom provides advice and consulting regarding application purchasing. Our advice takes into consideration current as well as future needs, both in terms of the number and type of employees who will use the applications, whether they require mobile access to them and so forth. SafeCom can assist with determining the best solutions that fit your environment, requirements and budget.

Data & Tele Communication

Central storage, efficient information communication and data accessibility are all essential in today’s work environment. In addition to delivering reliable and efficient systems SafeCom also assists with backups and related data communication services. We assist with proper setup of landlines, mobile phones, telephone exchange systems, intercoms, radios and pagers. SafeCom ensures your organization is properly connected and that your staff are accessible to each other and to your clients.

Voice over IP systems

In traditional environments, one often finds separate systems for telephone exchange (PBX) and for internet calls (VoIP). With modern technology, VoIP telephony is replacing the need for separate systems, which often means big savings for companies. Voice communication can be channelled through the internet or a similar IP data system based on internet technology. Information such as documents or videos can be added and conference calls are easier to organize and access. SafeCom provides VoIP solutions to cater for most business needs.

Wireless systems and solutions

Many organizations have the need to provide wireless access within their environment, for mobility aspects (e.g. warehouse) or for client access (e.g. in-store) or simply for convenience for staff with mobile devices. Functions traditionally done on wired networks such as connection to file servers, connection between workstations, printing, connection to presentation systems can all also be done wireless.

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