Burglar Alarm and Surveillance

SafeCom has a wide range of burglar alarm systems from renowned brands.

Access control systems

SafeCom offers a wide range of access control systems ranging from door controllers and card readers, to servers, proximity cards and access control software. Our access control systems protect you from lost or forgotten keys and provide logging information for persons who access your property, including the exact time persons enter or leave the premises. Our well-trained staff can guide you through the various options provided by these systems, which can also be combined with video security.

Fire alarm systems

Our fire alarm systems are designed to detect smoke or heat. In such an event the system may use attendees with sound and light signals as a warning. SafeCom also offers systems that can be activated manually to warn others. All systems can be connected to the nearest fire department whereby in the event of detection of smoke or fire, the fire department will receive a signal and take appropriate action. As part of SafeCom’s monitoring service, our monitoring staff will also contact the client in case of a fire alarm being triggered.

Closed circuit TV

SafeCom’s high-definition closed circuit TV surveillance systems increase the chances of identification of intruders. Recorded footage can be used by authorities for investigations and prosecution. Besides cameras and screens SafeCom can provide you with housings and accessories to protects the hardware against the elements. Monitoring of these systems is possible with SafeCom’s monitoring packages, also notifying you in case of intrusion.

Sound systems

Public sound systems are also part of SafeCom’s portfolio. Available for waiting rooms, these systems offer appropriate background music, while also allowing for clear announcements by staff when necessary. SafeCom sound systems have been installed in many of Aruba’s hotel lobbies, where they enhance the Caribbean atmosphere for guests.

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